Sunday, April 6, 2014

Lunch-hour demonstration on 7.4.2014

The sham called cadre restrucutirng.  Gentlemen’s agreement buried, the CBDT plays the game of deception.  Massive lunch-hour demonstration on 7.4.2014.

The CBDT in its meetings with the ITEF (CHQ) on 16th & 17th January, 2014 had assured that the basis for allocation of posts is under discussion within the CBDT and once the internal discussion is over the  same will be discussed with the ITEF before finalization. The Member (P) and Chairman in subsequent meetings on 14th & 20th February, 2014 maintained their stand as mentioned above. However, in spite of the assurance the CBDT went back on its word and without causing any discussion with the ITEF notified the allocation of posts on 31.3.2014. In any bilateral agreement, it is binding on every stake holder to honour the agreement reached. But the CBDT and member (P), CBDT played a game of deceit on the entirety  of the non-gazetted  employees of the department.

 The IRS officers who have their vested interest in ensuring their choice posting have used the allocation of posts of cadre restructuring as an instrument in ensuring that additional posts are allocated where they want it to be and not on the basis of any specific criteria for increasing the revenue collection which is one of the prime idea behind the cadre restructuring.  But they should understand that they cannot meet the ever increasing revenue collection targets by sitting at Delhi or complete the assessment proceedings or widen the tax base. They have only made a mockery of the cadre restructuring for their own personal interest.  While field formations are denied additional posts without any rhyme or reason, many posts in various cadres are being kept in Delhi in the name of Directorates, central pool etc which in any case is not going to serve the purpose of increasing the revenue collection or in overcoming the ever increasing workload. It can only ensure that the IRS gets their choice posting.

We strongly denounce this attitude of the Board in not honouring its own promise of discussing the allocation of posts with the ITEF.  It is indeed shameful that the CBDT has not even informed the ITEF about the criteria adopted for the allocation of posts. In the circumstances, the ITEF, Mumbai circle has taken the decision to hold a massive lunch-hour demonstration on 7.4.2014 in front of Aayakar Bhavan as first step in the direction of a prolonged struggle expected in the ensuing financial year of 2014.

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,

Ravindran B Nair

General Secretary.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Additional posts allocated for Mumbai Charge

The additional posts created in Mumbai Charge as per the allocation of posts vide notification of CBDT dated 31.3.2014 is as follows:


Exist S/S


Monday, March 31, 2014

Notification for allocation of posts issued. Visit ITEF Central hq site for details.


The FM has approved the CR allocation of posts. notification expected today.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

ITEF (CHQ) Circular

Reproduced below is the Circular issued by the ITEF(CHQ) on the outcome of the PGRC Meeting held on 25.3.20-14





NEW DELHI-110027

Cir. No. 42/1215                                                                                    Dated: 26th March, 2014
Dear Comrades,
.Personnel Grievance Redressal Committee Meeting:  The PGRC meeting at the apex level was held on 25th March, 2014 as scheduled at 11.00AM.  The meeting was co-chaired by Member (P&V) and Member (R).  Apart from other Officials, the JCA was represented by Coms. Ashok B Salunkhe (President ITEF),  Ajay Goyal (President ITGOA), KP Rajagopal, SG, ITEF, Bhaskar Bhattacharya, SG, ITGOA and Ashok Kr. Kanojia, Addl. Secy. ITEF.  The outcome of the meeting on each agenda item is as under.
1.Discussion on allocation of Group B and C posts and related matters-viz. Finalisation of RR and Filling up of vacancies etc.
We have strongly expressed our resentment over the presentation of the final proposal of allocation of posts to the Ministry without causing discussion with us, as promised by the authorities and requested for the principle adopted  by the Board for the said proposal as also the status of the RRs and filling up of posts.
The Official side informed us that the matter was discussed in length with the staff side on 16th and 17th Jan. 2014 and the points were well taken in the final report.  The yardsticks adopted for the allocation is mainly the workload, Revenue Collection, geographical area etc. We were also informed that there will not be reduction of posts in any charge and all charges will get the entitled additional posts. The proposal is now awaiting the final approval of the Finance Minister and in all probabilities the same will be notified by 31st March 2014.  Regarding the status of the Recruitment Rules and Filling up of the Posts the Officials in the HRD is working on it and the Representative of ITEF have been asked to  discuss the same with them.
2.Amendment to the provisions of Permanent Grievance Redressal Committee as suggested by ITEF.
We have been informed that the issues raised in the ITEF letter have been considered and the stand of the CBDT has been communicated to the ITEF and ITGOA in F.No. B-12020/15/2012-Ad.IX dated 20th March, 2014 (click here for copy of the letter).  On further insistence by the staff side, it was decided to increase the number of representatives from ITEF and ITGOA to seven and five respectively.    The Official side also agreed to hold the PGRC meeting in every month.
3.Exclusion of Group C cadre from the Eligibility for allotment of Guest Houses.
We have taken up the the exclusion of the group C employees from the purview of eligibility for allotment of Guest Houses as was available till Now.  We objected to this and pointed out that in the revised guidelines dated 03.10.2013 the entitlement has been reduced to only air cooled rooms or dormitory.  The Official side assured to look into the matter afresh.
4.Exclusion of Ex-servicemen from the purview of relaxation of conditions for inter-charge Transfers.
The point raised by us that while extending the period of relaxation for inter-charge transfers for officials certain categories which were entitled for the same in the past  have been excluded. We were informed that the exclusion of two categories were decided after careful consideration of the past cases. We insisted for sympathetic consideration of the category of  Ex-service man in view of the services and sweat rendered to the nation and their services in difficult and disturbed areas in their past service. The official side assured to consider the matter favourably.
5.Provision of 6 air conditioners per Range sanctioned by the Board from incentive fund in 2012 and referred to IFU in February, 2013 still pending implementation.
We have been  informed that all efforts are being taken to meet the requirements and objections of the IFU and DOE to get the clearance of the project at the earliest. On the personal intervention of the DIT (infra) the Officials of DOE  have promised to process the file immediately.
6Implementation of the following Schemes approved by the Board in April 2013.
Laptops to Inspectors.  we were informed that there was some confusion in the DOE about various proposals viz. Replacement of laptops to Officers, Provision of Laptops to AO &PS etc.  Now the proposal for Laptops to ITIs has been detached and resubmitted. The Directorate (infra) is pursuing the matter.
Mobile hands to All personnel.  This proposal is also pending approval from the Dept. Of Expenditure and the Officials are pursuing the same for early clearance.
Enhancement of Local Travel Expenses of ITIs/NSs. The proposal approved by the Board and submitted to the IFU has been returned for further clarifications.  The Clarifications and suggestions sought from the Chief Commissioners are awaited to further the matter.  We were also told that none of the CCsIT have respond yet,  except the CCsIT of Bhuvaneswar, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chandigarh.  We request all the Circle General Secretaries of other Charges to pursue the matter with CCsIT  to expedite their comments sought by the Board on 20.11.2013.  To enable you to render opinion to the CCsIT, CHQ letter dated 30.09.2013 addressed to the DDIT (infra)  is enclosed. 
Adv. Increment to Sr. TA/Stgr. on passing ITIs Examination. Apart from sending the proposal to the DOE, on our insistence the Member (P&V) directed the Directorate (V&L) to further examine the matter in the light of the favourable verdicts of various CA Tribunals.
On all the above issues we strongly expressed our total dissatisfaction over the efforts made by the authorities in pursuing the issues with other Departments. We have also complained that various Directorates and sections are sending proposals for clearance to the IFU and DEO and the required follow up action is not properly done and  demanded that one nodal Officer may be nominated to pursue all the issues referred to the IFU and DOE.  The Official side informed that the DGIT (Logistic) will henceforth pursue all such matters for expeditious approval and implementation.
We have also strongly objected to the publication of communications on service and other administrative matters through the official website of IRS Officers.  We pointed out that the issue was subject matter of discussion on several occasions in the Quarterly Review Meetings from the year 2011 and necessary instructions have been given to the effect that all such communications should be uploaded to the official site of the Department.  In spite of the same the communications are being uploaded in IRS Officers site only, access to which is restricted to IRS Officers with pass word.  We were again assured that necessary directions will be issued to put all such communication in the official website of the department i.e.
Departmental Examination -2013.  Based on the reporting  from various places by the candidates who appeared for the Deptl. Examination, the matter of discrepancy in the answer keys for the question papers of ITO and ITIs were taken up with the Directorate.  Most of the reported wrong answer keys (13 Numbers) related to the Paper II (Advanced Accountancy) of ITOs Exam.  The Directorate, after careful consideration of all the questions and answers found no merit in the claim of the candidates.  The same has been communicated with reasons to all the CCsIT vide F No. DE/2013/Challenged Qs./ITOs/ITIs/DIT dated 7th March 2014 (click here for copy of the letter).  A copy of the same is annexed here.  You may kindly inform the candidates accordingly.  In yet another claim made about discrepancy in the answer keys of Law Paper of ITOs and ITIs (2 each) the same is still being examined by the Directorate.
Increment on promotion:  The matter has been referred to the Department of Expenditure for their clearance of the proposal in accordance with the Govt. Decision to grant fixation benefit on promotion in the same Grade Pay.  The same is awaited.  Meanwhile, it has been reported to us that the ZAOs are resorting to recovery of the so-called excess payment on granting fixation benefit as per the order in F.No. 10102/2011-E.III/A dated 7th January, 2013.  You are requested to report such cases where the ZAO has ordered recovery and their specific objections in this regard to take up the matter with the authorities to stop the recovery.
Confederation Convention at Nagpur on 4th April 2014.  In our circular Cir No. 41/12-15,Dated: 27th February, 2014 we have intimated the decision of the Confederation to hold a National Convention at Nagpur on 4th April, 2014. We have also requested the circles to ensure participation of two delegates from each circle including the ITEF Chq. Secretariat Member, and one of the Principle Office bearers from that circle.  In case there is no Sect. Member in the Circle, Two Office bearers may be deputed apart from the participation of the Women delegates who are the members of the National Committee.    We once again request you all to intimate the number of delegates and their travel programme  to Com. B.N. Chikate, GS, ITEF, Vidharbha Circle, immediately, if not already done.
With greetings,
Yours fraternally,
(KP Rajagopal)
Secretary General