Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Drought Relief Fund



 On behalf of the Income Tax Employees Federation, Mumbai Circle, a Demand Draft amounting to Rs. 18,04,889/- was given to NAAM FOUNDATION for Drought Relief.  The Demand Draft was handed over to Shri Makarand Anaspure by the Pr.CCIT, Shri D. S. Saksena and the President of ITEF Shri Ashok B Salunkhe and General Secretary Ravindran B. Nair on 11/05/2016 at Aayakar Bhavan Shamiana.

We thank all the Staff Members and Officers for their co-operation and support.

                                                                                                       General Secretary
Date : 11th May, 2016

Monday, May 9, 2016

7th CPC

It seems that Modi Govt. is not in favour of a negotiated settlement on the 7th CPC related issues with the staff side. The Seventh CPC report was submitted on 19th November 2015. Six months are almost over since then. Till date the Govt. has not come forward for a negotiated settlement. Instead, Empowered Committee of Secretaries (ECoS) headed by Cabinet Secretary conducted a meeting with the staff side on 1st March 2016. In the meeting Govt. did not disclose its mind on any of the demands raised by the staf fside in the charter of demands submitted to Govt. Staf fside explained the justification for each demand but official side didn’t make any comment, either positive or negative. The concluding paragraph of the minutes of the meeting reads as follows:

“After hearing the participants, Cabinet Secretary observed that the deliberations have helped ECoS in understanding the major concerns of the staff side and said that all issues have been taken note of. He assured that fair consideration will be given to all points brought out by JCM before taking final views. He further stated that the ECoS needs to examine the Report of the Commission in entirety as well as the issues raised by JCM in consultation with all other stake holders. As such, it may take some time to take a final call on the recommendations of the Commission.”

It may be seen that, neither did the Govt. side made any commitment on any demands, nor did they indicate in the minutes that further discussion will be held with the staff side to arrive at a negotiated settlement on each demands. It seems that the Modi Govt is moving ahead to issue unilateral orders taking the staff side for a ride.

The JCM staff side Secretary, in his letter dated 2nd May 2016, addressed to Cabinet Secretary, has made the stand of the staff side clear, without any ambiguity. The letter reads as follows:

“I have been directed to draw your attention towards minutes of the Standing Committee of National Council JCM held on 7th May 2008 and our rejoinder submitted to Govt. in the matter of Report of 6th CPC.

You will kindly find that it was not only a general discussion, but also official side explained their views on each and every issue.

I would therefore request your good self to kindly arrange for similar type of meeting for bi-lateral settlement on each of the issues raised by the staff side, NC/JCM before the Empowered Committee of Secretaries.”

Thus the picture is clear now. The Govt, it seems, has a hidden agenda to take the staff side for granted without giving any further opportunity for a negotiated settlement. The staff side on the other hand has taken a position that if unilateral orders are issued, without taking the staff side into confidence, the NJCA shall go ahead with the indefinite strike from 11th July 2016 as already informed to the Govt. Employees have faith in the NJCA and they believe that the NJCA leadership shall assert itself and shall not compromise on major demands.

The coming days are crucial. If the Govt. adopts delaying tactics or issue unilateral orders rejecting our demands, then confrontation shall become inevitable. The stand taken by the then Nehru Govt. that “Pay Commission report is an award and is not negotiable” has resulted in the historic indefinite strike of 1960, which commenced on July 11thmidnight.

The NJCA leadership should be ready for a showdown, if Modi Govt refuse to arrive at a negotiated settlement with the staff side as demanded by Secretary, JCM(NC) staff side.


Secretary General

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Clarification on LTC

No. 31011/3/2016-Estt (A.IV)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training
Establishment A-IV Desk
North Block, New Delhi-110 001

Dated: April 29, 2016


            Subject:- Central Civil Services (Leave Travel concession) Rules, 1988- Reimbursement of rail fare on LTC in respect of  children of 5-12 yrs age group.- Clarification reg.

As per Railway Board's circular No. 71 of 2015, Ministry of Railways have decided that in case of children above 5 years and under 12 years of age, for whom full berth/seat is sought at the time of reservation, full fare shall be charged. It is mentioned that if berth/seat is not sought for the children of age 5 years and under 12 years of age at the time of reservation, then half of the adult fare shall continue to be charged subject to minimum distance for charge. This would be effective for the travel w.e.f. 10.04.2016.

2.In this regard, several references have been received in this Department from various Ministries/ Departments seeking clarification as to whether the full fare charged by the Railways for reservation of berth for children between 5 years and 12 years shall be reimbursable while availing LTC facility.

3. The matter has been examined in consultation with Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance and it has been decided that for the family members of the Government servant, aged between 5 yrs and under 12 yrs, the actual rail fare shall be reimbursed for LTC, as per the choice of rail tickets purchased by the Government servant.
 (Surya Narayan Jha)
Under Secretary to the Government of India
The Secretaries
All Ministries / Departments of Government of India.
(As per the standard list)
Copy to:
1.Comptroller & Auditor General of India, New Delhi.
2.Union Public Service Commission, New Delhi.
3.Central Vigilance Commission, New Delhi.
4.Central Bureau of Investigations, New Delhi.
5.Parliament Library, New Delhi.
6.All Union Territory Administrations.
7.Lok Sabha/ Rajya Sabha Secretariat.
8.All Attached and Subordinate Offices of Ministry of Personnel, P.G. & Pensions.
&ICC, DoP&T with the request to upload this O.M. on Department's web site (OMs/Orders -->
Establishment -9 LTC Rules)
10. Hindi Section for Hindi version.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

World Labour Day


The advancements the organized world working class movement made in the past 130 year period is of a great significance in the evolution of human society itself. The martyrs of Hay-market congregation in Chicago in 1886, in whose memory the international workers day is observed have made the supreme sacrifice to ensure a free and egalitarian society. In the ups and downs of the chequered history of the working class world over, the contribution of Indian workers was immense. Be it for the emancipation of the country itself from the colonial exploiters or to bring about a decent standard of living for Indian working population in the post independent era, they have done extremely well. But what picture contemporary India presents, evolved and structured on adherence to globalization is something the present day workers, individually and the Indian Working class together must ponder over, whene they are duty bound to demonstrate the unity might and determination on 1st May 2016.

      In the present Indian Societal Structure, the workers are pushed down to a level beyond redemption; and the inequality which the country promised to eradicate through social welfare governance has become an ever- alluding mirage. The Corporates in association with their foreign collaborators now controls the reins of governance. The present day rulers, who came to power with the tacit  and latent support of the corporates have ceased to make even lip service to the bringing up of an unoppressed and egalitarian society. The old and condemnable ethics of an antiquated society is polished and presented in a manner to deceive the poor people and garner their support for continuation of a feudal social set-up. They set agenda for dividing the society on communal and caste orientation, mislead the poverty stricken population, deceive them to believe that the panacea for their perennial problems lies in the resurrection of the ancient social system, create an image woven from fantasies and myth and spend millions to propagate that such a fantastic system had existed in this country thousands of years back. What has this country witnessed in the recent days was an orchestrated attempt ably supported by the ruling party to characterise all those who resist this nefarious game of the communal forces as anti-national, reminding of the fascist days in the world history, which ultimately led to the total disaster of a great part of the globe.  

            It is this phenomenon, this challenge that the organized working class face in the contemporary India. No doubt, unlike in the past, the working class is much more united, move cohesively sinking the ideological differences; go for united and militant industrial actions. But, events have proved that that is not enough. Along with the Bread and Butter issues, the Indian working class must rise to oppose the obscurantist, divisive and communal propaganda for that had been and continues to be the greatest threat to their unity and the Nation’s prosperity. They must realise the need to inculcate scientific temper in the society.

It is the sustained, systematic and widespread campaign that is needed to root out the divisive forces, which survives on money power provided by the Corporates. The observance of the May day, the international workers day must have a solid purpose. While it is necessary that the sacrifice of the erstwhile generation is remembered and recognised, the solemn duty is to provide meaning to their voice, which was silenced by brutal state power in1886 in USA   and thousand times thereafter in various parts of the world.

    The National secretariat of the ITEF appeals that its members when they observe the coming May day on Monday the 2nd May 2016 ( 1st May being Sunday) will imbibe  this aspect and make strenuous efforts to eradicate the malaise that has gripped in our society.