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Circular No. 33 Dated, 22nd September, 2017

Central Working Committee Meeting at Nagpur on 15-16th September, 2017 and Decisions

The Central Working Committee Meeting was held at Nagpur, Maharashtra as scheduled on 15th & 16th September, 2017. The Venue & the Hall of the Meeting were named after Late Com. D S Rajratnam and Com. A.H. Dixit respectively, the founders of this monolithic rganization. The Vidarbha Circle of ITEF had made excellent arrangements for holding the meeting and accommodating the CWC Members & Sr.Leaders. The warm hospitality and committed team work of the members of Vidarbha Circle will always be remembered in the days to come.

Com. Ashok Kanojia, President, hoisted the ITEF flag in the presence of all CWC members, senior Leaders, Guests and the members of Vidarbha Circle at 11 AM on 15th September, 2017. The CWC Meeting was inaugurated by Shri B.D. Vishnoi, Member (Admin.), CBDT, with lightening of the Lamp. Com. B.N. Chilkate, the Chairman, Reception Committee welcomed the Dignitaries, Sr.Leaders, Delegates and Observers on behalf of the Vidarbha Circle at the Inaugural Session. He beautifully illustrated the glorious history of the city of Nagpur and recalled that the foundation of ITEF had been laid in that City of Nagpur. Com. Ashok Kanojia, President, ITEF touched upon some of the important pending issues like Recruitment Rules, Duty List, Laptops, Merger of Staff Car Drivers , Regional Recruitment etc. and urged on the Member(Admin) for immediate resolution.

Com. Bhaskar Bhattacharya, Secretary General of ITGOA addressed the gathering and greeted the members. He raised certain matters like finalisation of seniority list of ITOs, ACIT promotion for 2016-17 etc. before the Chief Guest and also expressed his dissatisfaction about the present attitude of some of the officials of the CBDT to resolve the pending issues.

Shri B D Vishnoi, Member (Admn.) CBDT, while delivering his address, expressed happiness over being invited and also assured to look into the issues placed by the JCA leaders. He also narrated the status of the some pending issues. He appreciated the manner and methodology adopted by the JCA leaders in presenting and pursuing the issues. He said that the success of any organization depends upon its workers/members and the same holds true for Income Tax Department too. He thanked the employees of the Department for the success achieved in meeting various targets on collection of Taxes, fixed by the Government of India. He further said that after taking over the charge as Member (Admn.), he had issued direction to all the Cadre Controlling Authorities for holding of DPCs without further delay and assured that efforts would be made to resolve the pending issues raised by the ITEF.

Shri Ranganath Jha, Pr.CCIT, Nagpur, also addressed the gathering and wished the CWC meeting all success..

Com. K K N Kutty in his speech congratulated ITEF for the successful strike on 16.03.2017 and touched upon the issues related to 7th CPC, NPS etc. He wished the ITEF to strongly participate in Trade Union programmes of Relay Dharna as on 9th, 10th and 11th November, 2017 at New Delhi.

Com. Rupak Sarkar, Secretary General, ITEF thanked the Member (Admn.), CBDT for accepting the invitation and assuring resolution of the issues, raised by the JCA leaders. He elaborated the present scenario as well as the attitude of some of the officers of the Directorates/Administration to resolve the issues at the Board level. He urged before the Member (Admn) to resolve the pending issues within a specific time frame.

Com. Prashant Dharkar, Convener, Reception Committee and General Secretary of ITEF Vidharba Circle proposed the vote of thanks at the end of inaugural session.

Com. Ashok Kanojia, chaired the delegate session, which commenced immediately after the lunch at 3 PM. The President called the House to order and extended warm welcome to all members present in the House. All the Circles were represented in the CWC meeting except TN,
NWR Gr.D and Bihar Gr.D circles. The comrades of TN circle were not represented due to unavoidable circumstances. One minute Silence was observed as a mark of respect in memory of our members and leaders of Trade Union movement who had been passed away since the last CWC meeting.

In the delegate session, Com. K K N Kutty touched upon the programme of action of Confederation on various pending issues. He said that five formulations on the demand of revision of minimum wage and fitment formula had been submitted to the Government. However, so far no discussion has taken place with the Govt. on the same. He said that the Confederation had decided to be part of the agitation programme, which include three days Dharna and indefinite strike action in 2018, as chalked out by the Central Trade Unions on Common issues. On the issue of Outsourcing and NPS, joint action has been chalked out along with the Employees Federations of State Governments.

Discussion and decisions taken on agenda items:

Agenda No.1: Draft minutes of CWC meeting held at New Delhi on 25th & 26th March, 2017 was
taken as read and approved unanimously.

Agenda No.2 & 4: Com. Secretary General placed the status report on the pending issues before
the House and briefly stated about agitation programmes called by the JCA from 1st April, 2017 to stop outsourcing of regular official works, finalization of pending Recruitment Rules etc. He reported that hardly any issue other than relaxation in RRs of TA, Sr.TA & Steno.Gr.I (erstwhile Gr.II) had been resolved since the last CWC meeting, due to frequent change of incumbents of crucial posts in the CBDT during the period. All the members of the CWC participated in the discussion and aired their views. All the Working Committee Members thanked the comrades of ITEF, Vidarbha Circle for the wonderful arrangement made for the conduct of the Working Committee meeting. The circle representatives reported about the implementation of the programme called by the JCA from 1st April, 2017. After taking all out efforts to stop outsourcing, the programme had not been implemented successfully due to negative attitude of some officers. They informed the house that there had been great resentment amongst the members for not getting full support from the counterpart of JCA.

The Secretary General, while summing up, said that even though there are various issues pending, some important issues that are of serious nature, are required to be highlighted before the CBDT and a notice should be given to resolve those issues within one month, failing which to achieve the demands, agitation programme will be chalked out immediately to the extent of industrial action.

The issues to be taken up for immediate resolution are
1. Finalization of RRs of Inspector and Executive Assistant as per our proposal.
2. Fill up all vacant posts.
3. To stop outsourcing of regular nature of official work.
4. Regional recruitment of Group C cadres.
5. Merger of staff car drivers.

The Secretary General further told that the issue of advance increments can be followed up to some extent as otherwise it may have an adverse affect as no such advance increments are given in other Department. On inter charge transfer it was decided to take up the grievances received from field formations and to discuss further with the concerned authority. It is necessary to ensure that the Daily wage workers association is formed in all regions. The issueof Project Tarang scheme already taken up with the CBDT. On the 1% incentive more suggestions will be given to the Board after taking proposals from all the Circles and requested the Circle’s delegates to send the proposal within 10th October, 2017. He said discussion on duty list of Group C officials is going on in the meeting of committee formed by the CBDT.

As per discussion of the Delegates, Com. Secretary General stated on the above mentioned pending issues that if there was no positive outcome within one month (by the 20th October, 2017) then agitation programme would be chalked out to the extent of industrial action. It was therefore decided that the Secretariat of ITEF would meet on last week of October, 2017 and take appropriate decisions in this regard to chalk out programme of agitation.

As per decisions of the National Executive meeting of the Confederation and as per resolutions taken in the all India Central Trade Union Convention, the Secretary General appealed before the House to endorse all the programmes chalked out and also requested all CWC members to take utmost efforts to implement the programmes successfully. Circle wise quota will be given to attend the three days Relay DHARNA programme to be organised by the Central Trade Unions on 9th-11th November,2017 at New Delhi in support of 12 point charter of demands.
Agenda 3(i): On the issue of Merger of Group D circles, the report of the Committee along with the proposal for amendments in the Constitution approved in 2003 was circulated among the members. All Circles were requested to give their suggestions, if any, so that the final proposal can be placed before the All India Conference to be held at Ujjain, MP on 14-17th February, 2017 for approval. The amended version of the Constitution will be published in our website within a very short time.

(ii): Com. Yashwant Purohit, General Secretary of MP & CG Circle briefly explained the preparation being made to host the XXXth All India Conference of ITEF at Ujjain on and from 14th to 17th February. 2017 and appealed before the House for all out support for the successful
conduction of the Conference.

Agenda 5: Com. Ashok Kanojia read out the name of the Circles, which paid the Renewal Fees and Aayakar Dues. He requested all the Circles to clear off all the outstanding dues as per statement including Building Fund immediately. While declaring the formal conclusion of the deliberation of the delegates, Com. Ashok Kanojia, President thanked all the CWC members & senior leaders for enriching the discussions and making the meeting a grand success. He appealed before all circle leaders for implementation of all programmes successfully and unitedly. He suggested regular interaction with the members and to conduct circle working committee meeting regularly. If required, CHQ leaders would be present in the meeting to address on departmental/organizational issues. On behalf of the House he expressed sincere gratitude and thanks to all leaders/volunteers of ITEF Vidarbha Circle and comrades of ITGOA Vidarbha region as well as comrades of COC, Vidarbha for making excellent arrangements to conduct the CWC meeting.

The Meeting Concluded with vote of thanks to the Chair.

Yours fraternally
Rupak Sarkar
Secretary General

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Travel entitlements of Government employees for the purpose of LTC post Seventh Central Pay Commission-clarification reg.(Clink the link below to view)

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Increase in minimum pay and fitment formula - Note Submitted by JCM National Council staff side to senior officers committee headed by Shri Pramod Kumar Das, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure on 14th August 2017.

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7th Pay Commission Travelling Allowance – Composite Transfer Grant and personal effect transportation – Clarification issued by Finance Ministry – 7th CPC revised Rate applicable if employee joined new place on or after 1st July 2017
F.No. 19030/1/2017-E.IV
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
New Delhi, the 18th August, 2017
Subject:- Travelling Allowance Rules – Implementation of the Recommendations of the Seventh Central Pay Commission Consequent upon the issuance of this Departments O.M. of even number dated 13.07.2017 regarding implementation of recommendations of 7th CPC on Travelling Allowance (TA).

      Various references are being received in this Department seeking clarifications regarding admissibility of Composite Transfer Grant (CTG) and TA/Daily Allowance (DA).
2. The matter has been considered in this Department and with the approval of Competent Authority, it has been decided that admissibility of CTG and Transportation of personal effects on Transfer and Retirement will be regulated as under:-

i. In case, the employee has been transferred prior to 01.07.2017 and has assumed charge prior to 01.07.2017, the employee will be eligible for CTG at pre-revised scale of pay. If the personal effects have been shifted after 01.07.2017, revised rates for transportation of personal effects will be admissible.

ii. In case, the employee has been transferred prior to 01.07.2017 and has assumed charge on/after 01.07.2017, the employee will be eligible for CTG at revised scale of pay. As the personal effects would be shifted after 01.07.2017, revised rates for transportation of personal effects will be admissible.

iii. In case of retirement, if an employee has retired prior to 01.07.2017, the employee will be eligible for CTG at pre-revised scale of pay. If the personal effects have shifted after 01.07.2017, revised rates for transportation of personal effects will be admissible.

Hindi version is attached.
(Nirmala Dev)
Deputy Secretary to the Government of India